edX Open Remote Access Program

I handed off our two edX courses to the university and a few student administrators from Blockchain at Berkeley in 2019. After a long year of hard work and dedication, and some time after that administering the course and connecting with students, I was ready to finally take a step back. By then, we had already completed four course runs - first an instructor-paced run, followed by a self-paced run, for both courses - and were scheduled to launch once again. Looking back, it was a wild ride, and thinking about it now got me feeling quite nostalgic.

A message appeared in my inbox the other day from our faculty advisors, announcing the university’s participation in edX’s new Open Remote Access Program in repsonse to the world’s troubles migrating education systems to remote during COVID-19 crisis. In particular, they wanted to make our courses completely for students, including all graded coursework. It’s great that in these crazy times open education is ramping up more than ever. Teachers everywhere are making their materials open, and especially in universities, lectures are being recorded when they weren’t before.