I grew up with a Yamaha P-80 keyboard being one of the centerpieces of the house. As a child, I was pretty set on the few interests I had, and music was not one of them. While I attended weekly piano private lessons, I never really found joy in playing unless I needed a quick break from whatever I was working on, or if I had nothing better to do. In high school, I was briefly involved in a small band a few friends and I had formed to perform at local fundraising events, so our keyboard got much love during those times, but after I had left for college, the keyboard once again gathered dust on its keys.

Recently, out of boredom and subsequent increasing openness to explore, I have discovered the art of music production. What started off as a way to bang together a few notes after work and have it easily recordable to share with others turned into one of my latest hobbies.

In the past, I considered anything non-technical or that provided no immediate value to be at most a fun non-productive waste of time. Especially now with the world seemingly slowing down, there’s less of a need to be hyper-productive and “hustle mindset”. Looking back, the reason I thought the way I did was to pursue the path of most immediate impact and gratification. Understanding the most recent blockchain whitepaper or hottest topic in tech was the fastest way to be impactful. Recently I’ve learned to place an increasing emphasis on being well-rounded all around – meaning more than just being a generalist tech person. This might be evident in the way my reading list has changed over time. Also check out my noobie Soundcloud.