Rustie Lin UC Berkeley CS, Distributed Systems, Blockchain


A collection of bios of varying lengths, focuses, and styles. Keeping them here for reference and copy pasta purposes. Bios are hard to write :((( so most of them are variants of each other.

Blockchain, < 150 words, 3rd person

Rustie currently leads the Education Department and is most well known for spearheading the BerkeleyX Blockchain Fundamentals Professional Certificate MOOC program on edX, reaching 98,000 students from 192 countries around the world. He has also lectured for the Blockchain Fundamentals course offered on UC Berkeley campus, as well as delivered technical talks and workshops internationally. Prior to finding his calling in education, Rustie also helped to develop blockchain PoCs on Ethereum for startups and Fortune 500 companies. Rustie is currently studying classical consensus mechanisms and distributed hash tables for internal research projects. Rustie’s primary interests are in distributed and parallel computing, especially in the design of blockchains, multi cloud, and other big networked systems. You can find more about Rustie on his personal website:

Parallel Computing Research, < 150 words, 3rd person

Rustie is a fourth year undergraduate at UC Berkeley with a particular interest in distributed and parallel systems. He has experience designing and implementing various distributed algorithms, including for particle simulation, shotgun sequencing, and for cross-platform distributed suffix arrays. He will be joining research staff at Lawrence-Berkeley Lab to develop a runtime system that can transparently aggregate fine-grained operations within a node and send them in one bulk message to take advantage of bandwidth. You can find more about Rustie and his work on his personal website and blog:

Engineering, < 150 words, 3rd person

Rustie is a fourth year undergraduate at UC Berkeley with extensive experience in software development. At Amazon, Rustie built a fully integrated AWS general purpose scheduling service and supporting application from the top down, used by HR to cut costs by over 90%. In the ASUC Office of the CTO, Rustie drove adoption of Bitrise continuous integration, spearheaded the development of a new caching system for new internal service oriented architecture after advocating for migration, and led development efforts in both Android and Systems teams on the Berkeley Mobile open source project. Rustie will be joining WANdisco R&D team in Summer 2019 and Facebook’s Production Engineering team in Fall 2019.

General, 4-6 sentences, 3rd person

Rustie is a fourth year undergraduate at UC Berkeley whose primary interests are in distributed systems and networks, particularly multi-cloud, blockchains, and alternative internet architectures. He feels strongly about science communication, accessible education, and community building. Rustie teaches UC Berkeley’s undergraduate course on blockchain both on campus and online, with a total of over 100,000 students worldwide. Outside of school and work, Rustie is an amateur cook, aspiring coffee connoisseur, mindfulness advocate, and occasional mountain and seaside explorer.