Rustie Lin UC Berkeley CS, Distributed Systems, Blockchain

"To think - to really think - you have to write. Chances are, you're fooling yourself; you're only pretending to think. If you're thinking about writing you only think you're thinking" - Leslie Lamport

Goodbye Berkeley

23 Jan 2020
Reflection on my time as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley.

Time is fake

02 Jul 2019
A crazy jumble of thoughts following a day of running Jepsen tests on time.

Exploring Parallel Particle Simulation

08 Mar 2019
Iterative improvements on toy particle simulation. As with the previous post, all results were calculated on Intel Xeon E5- 2698 v3 2.30 GHz CPU, this time across multiple processors. Graphs show performance in per processor p speedup and also simulation...

Exploring Parallel Matrix Multiply

21 Feb 2019
Survey of DGEMM (Double Precision General Matrix Multiplication) speed-up boosts on CORI supercomputer. All results were calculated on a single core, single thread on Intel Xeon E5- 2698 v3 2.30 GHz CPU. Graphs show performance in percentages of maximum CPU...

Making Blockchain Accessible

21 Aug 2018
Education should be accessible. This should especially be the case in the blockchain space, which takes pride in its core value of decentralization. There's nowhere saying that the decentralization that we value in the blockchain space is only limited to...

Thoughts on Time

15 Aug 2018
Two days pass, and Bob hasn't heard from Alice. So Bob wonders -- has Alice baked the cake? The event of Bob wondering about Alice's cake and Alice's baking/not baking of the cake are concurrent. In physics, we might say...

Blockchain Fundamentals live on edX

21 Jun 2018
After a grueling semester of balancing heavy courseload, side projects, and working to bring the world's first university-accredited undergraduate course on blockchain technology to the global community, I'm happy to announce that Blockchain Fundamentals is now available on edX for...

Summer 2018

15 May 2018
The past semester was exhausting, but in a productive way. I'm planning to ride this wave of productivity through the summer and beyond. Writing this post to timestamp and keep track of my goals. Starting end of May, I'll be...

Python Security Script Analysis

05 May 2018
Analysis of python wrapper script of popular security tools for UNIX systems. As the final assignment for a UC Berkeley student-run cybersecurity course, I am writing this blog post as an in-depth analysis of the python security script located at...

Updates to Berkeley Mobile

11 Mar 2018
When I first joined in Fall 2017, I was shocked that there was no documentation for Berkeley Mobile. All that existed was a tiny README that had instructions on how to run a single JUnit test. Due to this lack...

Blockshell, A Minimal Blockchain Learning CLI

09 Mar 2018
I taught a six hour long workshop on an Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain for new Blockchain at Berkeley members. As the first part of new members' "Month of Learning" program, it is imperative for all members to have seen...

Advanced Protocols in Taipei

03 Jan 2018
I'm traveling to Taiwan mainly for vacation and visiting family. But spreading quality blockchain education is also pretty important, so I've been working with some Taiwan blockchain community members to host some events. I'll be delivering talks on two separate...

Web Scraping with Bash

03 Dec 2017
Using standard Bash tools in UNIX to web scrape data sets for analysis in R, an alternative to using packages such as rvest. For this demo, we will be using standard Bash tools in conjunction with web tools cURL and...

Blockchain Education

08 Nov 2017
I recently gave my second blockchain lecture -- this time on alternative consensus mechanisms -- and also an introduction to enterprise blockchain workshop for a campus entrepreneurship fraternity. Reception of both talks were positive, giving me encouragement that I am...

UNIX and Bash for Statistics

02 Nov 2017
A quick sketch on how one would use standard UNIX and Bash tools for statistics data preprocessing. UNIX commands exist for various use cases, and pretty much anything you would want a computer to do can be calculated by stringing...

Giving My First Blockchain Lecture

04 Oct 2017
Speaking about Bitcoin wallets was also good training for me, as I have a tendency to dive too deep into technical details, so for me, it was good training to practice my understanding of Bitcoin at a higher level, and...

Update & 2Burgers

30 Sep 2017
Our app, called "2Burgers" based on some half-asleep banter, was essentially an opportunity cost tracker, aggregator, and analyzer. The user primarily interfaces through our Android app, where they sign in with their Google account and start logging information about their...

Mastering Bitcoin

03 Jul 2017
I think that the ability to explain something technical in an easy to understand non-technical way is the clearest indication of understanding. In writing my own book on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies, I have found the most difficult task...

Hacking vs. Precision

30 Jun 2017
It's obvious that strategy 1 is useful whenever you're rapidly prototyping, or trying to get something to work as a proof of concept, and that strategy 2 is useful for long-term deployable projects where there's more time to contemplate all...