Rustie Lin UC Berkeley CS, Distributed Systems, Blockchain

"To think - to really think - you have to write. Chances are, you're fooling yourself; you're only pretending to think. If you're thinking about writing you only think you're thinking" - Leslie Lamport

Scripting on a Smartphone

29 Jun 2017
I was overseas with minimal wifi connection, and no access to a laptop or PC, on a family backpacking trip. Here's an account of my experiences coding in the Italian countryside with pen, paper, and a bash emulator Android app....

Blockchain Textbook

27 Jun 2017
I've recently been working on a series of personal notes on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies as a passion project, and also to brush up on my understanding. Last Spring, I was a student in Blockchain at Berkeley's "Introduction to Cryptocurrencies...

Introduction -- Building the Website

26 Jun 2017
For the first blog post, what better topic than the blog itself! This website is built using Jekyll, a static site generator used to create simple yet elegant websites. Jekyll lets me write blog posts in markdown and converts these...