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The Night Watch

  • This is actually the funniest thing I’ve ever read, no lie
  • Ties frustration and humor in systems: something that I’m more than familiar with :^)))
  • TBH the realization that other systems people feel this way is somewhat relieving and hilarious at the same time

CAP Twelve Years Later: How the “Rules” Have Changed

  • Still relevant to this day, especially with the CAP theorem being commonly cited in blockchain design.
  • Comes to show that things are not always as black and white in practice than they are in theory.
  • Appeals to the saying “every good business at its core attempts to solve an NP-complete problem” (rough quote I’ve heard somewhere).

  • Lamport’s analytical skill is truly inspiring.
  • A reminder to always consider design from the top down, and to seek to understand things at a more fundamental level.
  • However, need to gauge the lifetime of the system/application being built, and whether it justifies the formal design overhead.

  • Cliff Stoll’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious.
  • Hoping to get a glass Klein bottle one day.
  • EDIT 3/28/2019: Thanks Glo, for the best birthday present ever!!!

  • Just a great song with a positive message to blast every now and then.

  • The dream job.
  • Something about how the video was filmed and the enthusiasm of it all makes for a great educational and viewing experience.