Rustie Lin UC Berkeley CS, Distributed Systems, Blockchain

CS294 Intro & Ledgers

No central point of trust/attack wrt a security property. Distributing trust, amongst the more the better

Every server will be broken into

  • hackers: software complex
  • employees: insiders
  • government: subpoena, physical access

Main areas

  • blockchain/consensus/cryptocurrencies
  • collaborative learning/ multiparty comp (MPC)

TTTP is expensive and can be compromised. Central point of attack as liability issues

2 main approaches

  • federated learning by Google
    • summaires sent to trusted party
    • reveal summaries (but not actual data)
  • coopetition/coopetitive learning
    • between competitors for mutual benefit
    • based on MPC
    • no party learns until final result

Merkle trees

Use audit proof: siblings of path from data to root, which is log


  1. Week 1 slides