Rustie Lin UC Berkeley CS, Distributed Systems, Blockchain


Here's a list of personal and hackathon projects that I've undertaken in no particular order. Most can be found on my GitHub profile here.

Decentralized Index of Knowledge

  • Live demo here
  • Google Docs plugin for easy administration
  • Potential IPFS plugin
  • Fun cytoscapeJS and networkx visualizations
  • Github authentication for automating PRs

Data Donation Market

  • Hack Davis 2020 Winner, Most Technical Project
  • Revokable data streaming and payments
  • Included hardware component for collecting motion data
  • Definitely the most “hacky” project I’ve ever made. Also built with Blockstack before finding out that they had pulled out as sponsors (voiding the prize category :(…)
  • Built with GCP, Node, Express, ILP, Blockstack, MongoDB


  • Davis Environmental and Energy Platform for Sustainability
  • Hack Davis 2019 Winner, 1st Place Best Use of OSIsoft Data
  • Real time data analytics from OSI PI system on UC Davis campus
  • Explatory data analysis of historical OSIsoft data (esp chilled water trends)
  • Designed scalable data ingestion pipeline on Google Cloud Platform
  • Built with Google Cloud Platform (App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions), ReactJS, ExpressJS webserver, data analysis on Jupyter

Consensus Simulation

  • Simulation of relaxed consensus problem
  • Built with CytoscapeJS for graph visualizations, ExpressJS serving SocketIO websocket, Google Cloud Platform, Redis for routing between simulation instances

Blockchain Education

  • Some speaking engagements outside of edX courses
  • Selected speaking engagements:
    • Blockchain Fundamentals
      • Various UC Berkeley student organizations, Fall 2017
      • Blockchain 101 Workshop, Feb 2018
    • Distributed Systems & Alternative Consensus
      • National Tsing Hua University, Jan 2018
      • National Chengchi University, Jan 2018
    • Bitcoin Wallet Mechanics
      • Blockchain Fundamentals DeCal, Sep 2017
    • Decentralizing Education, various

Atom Image Paste

  • Atom Image Paste on the Atom package browser
  • Creates PNG in specified directory from image in clipboard
  • Mini project to improve my productivity on other projects
  • Other similar plugins didn’t work for me or have the functionality I want
  • CoffeeScript, JavaScript, and Atom dev kit

Berkeley Mobile (Android, iOS)

  • Official UC Berkeley mobile app, Android and iOS
  • Leading Android team sprints in fast-paced and highly collaborative Agile environment
  • 12,000 downloads and 5,000 unique monthly users
  • Implemented material design splash screen with custom RecyclerView adapters and controllers for updating dining hall and cafe hours, menus, user preferences, and nutritions
  • Leveraging tools such as okhttp, gson, and Retrofit for interfacing with our RESTful backend
  • Network response caching for optimal user experience
  • Modularized and refactored data adapters and controllers on existing codebase, minimizing redundant code and speeding up development time by 2x

Manouse (PC)

  • Submission for Cal Hacks 4.0
  • PC application that uses computer vision technology to map hand gestures to mouse control
  • Used OpenCV computer vision library to create an outline of the hand, find its position, and count the number of fingers
  • Hand position and number of fingers can be mapped to various actions such as mouse position and left and right clicking
  • We also built a simple rock, paper, scissors game to demo our app
  • Devpost link here
  • Built with Python, OpenCV, and win32api

2Burgers (Android, Django Server)

  • Submission for Hack Into It 2017
  • Android application that tracks daily, weekly, and lifetime purchases
  • Designed to provide insight on opportunity cost: a list of practical items that sum to the same total as what the user bought
  • Aggregate user statistics and user personalization data handled with Firebase
  • Datasets from
  • Django RESTful server that runs K sum problem on user query
  • Built with Django, Firebase, Android

Tutor Chat (Web)

  • Submission for HackUCI 2017
  • Web app that lets busy students collaborate, ask questions, and watch live-streamed lecture remotely in real time
  • Uses a queue system to pair students with available course staff
  • Public and private chats are conducted through Firebase
  • Devpost link here
  • Built with HTML, CSS, AngularJS, and Firebase

Hello from the Outside (Android)

  • Submission for Outside Hacks IV
  • Android app that helps concert goers (Outside Lands 2016) coordinate meeting times and locations with their friends
  • Uses vibration to tell the user the approximate distance they are from a friend
  • Hackathon was hosted at Weebly headquarters… so check out our Weebly website here
  • Built with Android, Java, XML, Firebase, Google Maps, and various Android motion and vibration controls

Slit (PC, MacOS, Android, iOS)

  • Personal project currently undergoing development. Hoping to have this on the Google Play Store eventually
  • Cross-platform 2D game inspired by the interaction of waves and the famous double slit experiment
  • Uses Tiled map editor to make portable maps
  • Filter bits to manage contact and collisions in engine
  • Uses a custom touchpad controller for mobile devices, and remappable keys for PC
  • Built with Java, LibGDX, Scene2D physics engine, and Box2DLLight lighting system

BearMaps (Java Server)

  • One of several projects for the CS61B Data Structures course at UC Berkeley
  • Server that hosts functionality via RESTful API for a provided front-end web client
  • Map image rastering on multiple zoom levels using a quadtree implementation for N, S, E, W directions
  • Efficient parsing and analysis of OpenStreetMap data in OSM XML format
  • Routing between two locations on the map by constructing graphs with parsed OpenStreetMap data and using the A* shortest path algorithm
  • Built with Java (Spark) and data from OpenStreetMap

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Textbook

  • A meticulous set of open source notes covering various high-demand topics in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, the Lightning Network, and the InterPlanetary File System
  • Offers a high level overview and also technical details of Bitcoin, consensus algorithms, and cryptography fundamentals
  • Based on Blockchain at Berkeley’s Spring 2017 “Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain” course
  • GitHub link here, or check our the related blog post here
  • Written using LaTeX typsesetting system

Velocity (Android)

  • Submission for Los Altos Hacks 2016
  • Simple and elegant to-do list as Android lock screen replacement
  • Features randomized wallpapers and inspirational quotes
  • Based on the Momentum Google Chrome extension (Momentum / mass of a PC = Velocity haha…)
  • First time writing an Android application
  • Built with Android, Java, XML

Music Maker (Web)

  • Sumission for Hack Jam Fall 2016
  • Reads .WAV music files and interpolates the root chords of the song
  • Did not have enough time to implement beat analysis, but instead sampled the sound in set time intervals
  • First time writing a web app using Django
  • Built with Django, Python, HTML

Team Manager (Android, iOS)

  • A simple demo for React, React Native, and React Redux
  • Mobile application that keeps track of team members and their contact information
  • Members can either be admins (who can remove other members), or regular memers (who can’t remove others)
  • Features List, Add, and Edit Team Member screens, which talk to each other via reducers to alter the app’s local state
  • First time writing a mobile app using React Native and React Redux
  • Built with JavaScript, ReactJS, React Native, React Redux

Firebase People Demo (Android)

  • A simple demo for Firebase and Firebase UI in Android
  • Android app that keeps track of a list of people, synchronized with a Firebase back-end
  • First time using Firebase UI, namely RecyclerViews, in conjunction with other aspects of the material design scheme
  • Built with Android, Java, XML, Firebase

Hack Jam Linux (Linux)

  • Submission for Hack Jam Fall 2015
  • An extremely lightweight yet friendly custom Linux distribution (based on Arch) intended to breathe new life into old, slow, refurbished computers
  • Installed a friendly Windows-like desktop environment (LXDE), and also web, educational, image editing software, etc
  • Built with completely open source software, and with full access to the Arch User Repository
  • Runs smoothly in a virtual machine with only 64 MB RAM
  • Built with Arch Linux, Architect, Arch User Repository, and various command line tweaks

Meme Vision (Android)

  • High School computer science class project
  • A simple Android app that draws memes over detected faces through both rear and front-facing cameras
  • First time using OpenCV for Android
  • Built with Android, Java, XML, OpenCV

Bear Hacks CVision (PC)

  • Winner of HKN Bear Hacks Spring 2016
  • First time using OpenCV, written following a workshop and presentation on computer vision research at UC Berkeley
  • A simple Python script using OpenCV that swaps detected faces
  • Also optionally draws the Cal Hacks mascot DDoSki over detected faces
  • Built with Python, OpenCV

Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants

  • Submission for Berkeley Builds 2017 Designathon, in collaboration with the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants
  • Creative and intuitive dual screen website that aims to bridge the cultural gap between grandparents and their grandchildren as they use the website together
  • Asks carefully worded questions to both the grandparent and grandchild to encourage meaningful conversation
  • Grandparent and grandchild create profiles (Name, date and place of birth, etc.) at the start, and the linearly designed website progresses like a storybook
  • Interactive map screen traces the distance traveled by their families
  • Built with AngularJS, AngularJS Material, HTML, CSS

Smartphone Mouse

  • Ongoing personal project
  • Use your smartphone as you would a regular mouse (place phone on a cloth, and slide it on a table if phone case is not already slidey)
  • Features Android app with on screen buttons for left, right, and middle click, and an area for scroll
  • Android app client, and Python server which runs calculations on phone acceleration data and has mouse control in the local device
  • Sends a custom byte stream via TCP with Android accelerometer data, as well as bits for mouse click and scroll
  • Currently designing an algorithm to translate linear accelerometer data to smooth mouse movements (accelerometer drift makes mouse movement jittery at times)
  • Building with Android, Java, XML, Python, Python, win32api